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Are Shaun White and Nina Dobrev Ready to Get Engaged? He Says…

So instead of a white wedding, Sean has his eye on Whitespace, the active lifestyle company he founded just before his retirement.

“After years and years and years of working with brands, I finally decided at this point in my career … that I really wanted to do this and now is the time,” he explained. “I can take all the expertise I can from working with these brands, my knowledge of snowboards, and product development, and put them all into my own thing.”

Looking to the future, Shawn hopes he can continue to make an impact on the sport of snowboarding—even if he’s not actively grinding on the halfpipe. “We are talking to really talented young riders in this field and I am looking forward to getting them on the program and really helping them with their careers,” he shared. “It would really go full circle for me.”