Apply Now: Women’s Weekend Film Challenge’s Pilot Accelerator

Ever dreamed of having the likes of Netflix and HBO? This spring, that dream could become a reality for the selected TV writers of the 2023 Women’s Weekend Film Challenge (WWFC) Pilot Accelerator. A press release announced that applications for the organization’s second annual virtual event are now open.

Launched in 2021, the Pilot Accelerator helps six to eight budding writers to advance their careers as well as increase the visibility of women and non-binary people working in the TV industry. The program “enhances strong, full pilot scripts that lack the industry connections to sell their series or break into the writers’ room,” according to the release.

Set to begin March 30, 2023, the three-week program will see participants in virtual training sessions led by industry insiders see how to pitch and work in a writers’ room. The program will kick off in April, crowned with a week of pitching to studios, production companies, and producers looking for fresh material or writers.

“The goal of this program is to launch the careers of our teammates, which could take the form of selling their TV pilot; securing follow-up meetings with executives; as a freelance writer, staff writer or writing support staff on an existing series. to be hired as a; and/or to make valuable industry contacts.” accelerator page description,

Applicants for the live-action, scripted series must submit a completed pilot. Documentaries, animations, webseries and films will not be accepted. All content must be original and submitted by the owner, who must also specify whether the project is an adaptation and whether they have the rights.

Fellows will be selected by a panel of industry judges that includes “Stray” executive producer Anita Kapila, “Queen” producer Leigh Davenport and “The Walking Dead: Co-Executive Producer Nicole Mirante-Matthews”.

Katrina Medoff, co-founder of WWFC, said, “Our inaugural accelerator demonstrated just how many talented women and non-binary writers are ready to take their careers to the next level – all they need is the support and connection to get there. Is.”

Tracey Sawyer, co-founder of WWFC, said, “Studios and production companies are looking for untapped talent and our teammates see an incredible opportunity to hone their pitches and meet people who can take their careers to the next level. ” She emphasized, “Ultimately, it is the audience that benefits most from telling a more diverse story on screen.”

The last date for submission is January 4, 2023. meeting WWFC website for more information. Click Here to submit an application,

Among the accelerator’s alumni is Vivian Kerr, whose latest feature, “Scraps,” premiered at this year’s Deauville Film Festival. She starred in and wrote the picture, which follows a single mother recently struggling to hide her homelessness from her family.

“The speakers were amazing – from all different sectors of the entertainment industry,” Kerr said in praise of the WWFC accelerator. “We got a lot of one-on-one feedback from him, which was very helpful in refining our pitches. The program was really a game changer.”

Founded by Sayre and Medoff in 2017, WWFC “works for gender equality by creating opportunities for women and non-binary people to bring their leadership, talent and stories to the forefront of the film and television industry,” According to the organization’s website, Best known for its Signature Film Challenge, WWFC has produced 36 short films with over 900 women and non-binary filmmaking professionals.