Angie Katsanevas: Jen Shah Swindled Me Out of $15,000!

it doesn’t seem like it right now Jane Shah is likely to come RHOSLC again anytime soon.

It’s hard to film for reality television when you’re in prison.

Too? Now that he has confessed to his crimes, perhaps some viewers don’t want to see someone who preys on the old and weak.

Jen can still use her remaining episodes to win over fans, right? Problem is, this week’s episode shows Jane swindling someone out of $15,000. He No a good form

Angie Katsnevas Really, Really Wants To Be A Perfect Housewife With A Long And Glorious Career real housewives of salt lake city,

At least, that’s the impression she’s giving.

This does not mean that his false accusations against Jane are false. Jane is very swindler. For this she is going to jail.

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So, Angie plans and even organizes a birthday party for Jane’s husband, Sharif.

He didn’t like pouring champagne over Jane’s head. This is very appropriate.

Sure, some viewers felt she overreacted. But not everyone wants this to happen.

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But then there’s the price tag. Angie says the birthday party cost $15,000.

According to her, $3k for flowers, $4k for bar, $600 on cake, $750 for piano, $4k for catering, $1.5k for dance floor.

Then $500 for cleaning. $900 for dancers. $3k for the casino table. $1.5k for the table. and $4k for appetizers.

jan shah confesses on season 2
Jen Shah speaks here during a confessional on season two of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

Now, we’re not big-city mathematicians, but that adds up to over $15,000.

Maybe there is overlap with some of the listed expenses? Or maybe he got a discount on the total price, but not the individual ones?

Point is, Angie says that Jane hasn’t reimbursed her for this expensive party. oh and he’s not really Thank you him, either.

Jane Shah11

Jen’s side of the story is that, simply put, Angie never sent her the bill for the party.

She also says that she gave Angie the $5,000 necklace. (It’s less than a third or a quarter of the cost of the party, but ok)

Here’s the thing: Angie doesn’t want to keep the necklace for an understandable reason.

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Angie nervously told the camera, “The last thing I want to do is keep this necklace on and be in public.”

“And,” he continued, “the Southern District of New York found me and took the necklace off my neck.”

While one would hope that no court would confiscate her necklace as such since it is a gift from a criminal… we can understand the fear.

Jane Shah12

Meanwhile, Jane is battling huge legal bills. Win or lose, lawyers don’t come cheap.

Jane and her husband discuss an upcoming $200,000 payment to their attorneys.

Between her and Sharrif Jr. attending medical school, she has a lot of financial worries on her plate.

and Meredith Marks feel concerned about Jane’s state of mind, especially in the context of her conflict with Angie.

Meredith said, “I know he’s not in a very good mental state.” “And it’s exacerbated by friends who aren’t very supportive.”

Meredith worries: “I think she’s hitting a breaking point. … It’s frightening.