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Andrew Garfield talks ‘societal obligation’ to have children before the age of 40

Andrew Garfield is headed to the Big 40 next year. “Tick, tick… boom!” Star In a recent interview, she talked about bidding goodbye to her 30s and how she has freed herself from the “social obligation” of having children by the age of 40.

The “Spider-Man” actor discussed how he and all of his high school friends are entering their 40s together and that while they’re all the same age, they’re all at different points in their lives.

“I always thought I’d be the first to have kids and settle down, and they’re all shaken up and a few baby deep for the most part,” Garfield told GQ.

Andrew Garfield, star of "the amazing Spider Man" And "Tick, Tick… ​​BOOM!" shared his thoughts about turning 40 next year.

Andrew Garfield, “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “Tick, Tick…Boom!” shared his thoughts about turning 40 next year.
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The actor also talked about breaking the construct that she has to have children at a certain point in her life.

“Releasing myself from the social obligation to reproduce until I’m 40 has been an interesting thing for me,” he said.

Garfield’s mother died in 2019, and he also mentioned her passing and how he would have loved for his children to meet him.

Andrew Garfield recently returned to his role of Spider-Man, a role he hasn't played since 2014, in the 2021 film "Spider-Man: No Way Home," Starring Tom Holland as the superhero.

Andrew Garfield recently returned to his role as Spider-Man, a role he hasn’t played since 2014, in the 2021 film “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” which stars Tom Holland as the superhero.
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“Letting go of any idea of ​​what something should look like, or be, or feel like. And that’s a big [to let go of], because of course I would love for my mother to meet my kids, if I’m going to have kids. And she will. In the soul She’ll be there for it. I know he’s out there, for all the big guys,” Garfield explained.

“But, yeah. Life, life, life. Life is in charge. We’ll see. We’ll see what happens. I’m curious,” he continued.

Garfield played Peter Parker/Spider-Man in 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man and in the 2014 film sequel. “Spider-Man” co-star Emma Stone, before their breakup in 2015. He most recently returned to the role in the latest Tom Holland “Spider-Man” film, “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, where Tobey Maguire also made an appearance.

andrew garfield dated her "the amazing Spider Man" co-star Emma Stone until their split in 2015.

Andrew Garfield dated his “The Amazing Spider-Man” co-star Emma Stone until they split in 2015.
(Folk Cannes / FilmMagic)

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Other recent works by Garfield include “Tick, Tick…Boom!” where he showed his musical side and the 2021 film “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” with Jessica Chastain. He was also in the television miniseries “Under the Banner of Heaven” in 2022.

Since those roles, Garfield has said that he is taking a break from acting To take the time and think about what comes next for him.