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America’s Got Talent Star Roslyn Singleton Dead at 39

Roslyn Singleton He got his angel wings.

the ellen show Favorite has died after being diagnosed brain cancer in 2013. her husband, partner America’s Got Talent alum ray singletonconfirmed his wife Death In an Instagram post on Nov. 16. She was 39 years old.

He wrote, “Our wife earned her wings yesterday sleeping peacefully in the home where she was meant to be.” “The road ahead is going to be incredibly long and difficult!”

When it comes to the lessons learned from him, Ray shared, “He taught us everything… That’s where we’re all trying to get to one day, so there’s no need to be sad! Now we share his legacy, his influence, his story and his spirit!”

Roslyn went viral in 2020 when her husband shared a video of her singing softly daniel caesarGave her a “Get You” when she was going in for brain surgery. The pair later became fan favorites agt when Ray appeared and his wife joined him on stage.