Amber Heard Gets Support From Feminist Orgs In Open Letter Condemning ‘Misuse’ Of Defamation Suits

Amber Heard She has received open support from many feminist organizations after her major defeat in a defamation case against Johnny Depp,

The open letter, which was made public on Wednesday nbc newswas signed by the likes of national organization for womenThe National Women’s Law Center, equality nowAnd this Women’s March Foundation, As you know, Heard married Depp (and Spent Some Serious Cash in June’s Very Attractive Filing,

Support has been in his favor for the most part – er, Shortage —compared to her loud and proud support of her ex-husband. But now a letter written by a group of people who identify as domestic violence victims is showing their open support for the actress.

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Letter condemns “abuse” of defamation lawsuits to silence those who report domestic or sexual abuse – and it’s biggest public support yet aquaman Star in the months after the jury ruled in favor of Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

In the court of public opinion, this is a victory for Amber, whose public defender appears to be Johnny (who has also received support from one). women’s support group, If you remember, organizations like time’s up – in their height #Me too Movement – ​​Instead of supporting Amber after the June verdict, they were called to become a wall of silence. But now an anonymous spokesperson for the group that released Wednesday’s letter is saying why everyone was so quiet:

“Individuals were afraid to speak because they saw what was happening to some people.”

What was happening was an allegation of online harassment by Depp supporters! Herd’s supporters feared they would be targeted online, so instead of pitching, they remained silent. Hmm…

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The source also says the “ongoing harassment” was fueled by “disinformation, misogyny, biphobia, and a monetized social media environment where a woman’s domestic violence and sexual assault allegations are mocked for entertainment.” was”. The letter stated that the harassment was “unprecedented in both vitriol and scale”.

yes it is bullying never Ok!

Cathy Spillerwho is its executive director Feminist Majority Foundationsaid she and her organization supported the letter after seeing a “growing backlash” against women speaking out about domestic violence:

“If this could happen to Amber Heard, it would discourage other women from speaking up and even filing reports about domestic violence and sexual assault.”

The open letter said the reaction to the verdict “indicates a fundamental misunderstanding of intimate partner and sexual violence and how survivors respond to it”. More than two dozen feminist organizations and 90 individuals have signed the letter in agreement that they “condemn the public shaming of Amber Heard and join her in support”.

Elizabeth TangSenior Counsel for Education and Workplace Justice at the NWLC said after signing the letter that abusers may use defamation lawsuits to “silence their victims” or as a form of retaliation if their victim were to speak out. I can use them in:

,[Domestic abuse victims] Look at the climate this has created, and they feel even less safe than ever to come forward and speak about the abuse they’ve been subjected to… for reasons we felt were so important to include in this letter [are] When courts do not dismiss these defamation suits at the initial stage, it creates immense trauma for the victims who have to go through a very long, drawn out and invasive process just to prove that they meant what they said. whether it is true or not. Defame the person they reported.

now president, Christian F Nunessaid she hopes the letter is a reminder that the court system should never be able to be used in favor of victims:

“We cannot silence victims by using the courts and lawsuits to re-traumatize them, because that is what is happening.”

The group’s unnamed source said that he and other supporters london grounds Starr had been fighting the “disinformation” that had been spread for months when he joined the group to write the letter. They hope to send a unanimous message to everyone reading the letter, as Tang wrote:

“It’s also a way of talking to all the survivors and letting them know, ‘You are not alone.'”

Wow, powerful stuff. Reactions?

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