Alexis Gabe’s Dismembered Remains Found 10 Months After Discovery Of Boyfriend’s Scary Note

It’s been ten months for the family of alexis gabe, But now they finally have something off.

For those who don’t remember the case when we first covered it over the summer, the 24-year-old was last seen on January 26 in Antioch, California. Police believe that she was murdered by her lover. Marshall Curtis Jones, at his home in Antioch and then thrown somewhere else. But when they finally caught him in June, US Marshal Says they were unable to stop him, claimed that he had brought a knife to themThey had no option but to kill him.

Thankfully a clue was found later – a handwritten note by jones Which contained detailed directions to Pioneer, a location about 60 miles east of Sacramento. The hope was that this would lead the authorities to Alexis’ body. He even said that he was only focusing on Pioneer. But that was four months ago. Four more long months of not knowing. After so long, everything changed on Monday.

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In the end it was a civilian who stumbled upon his partial remains. In a press conference on Monday, police revealed that a visitor from Alaska was going for a walk with a metal detector on Jackson Road near Plymouth, California, when they thought they might be human remains. Plymouth is about 40 miles east of Sacramento – largely from where the police headed in directions.

Marshall Curtis Jones Instructions
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spy tyler horn Of Oakley Police Department revealed at a press conference on Monday that along with human bones, the remains of duct tape and garbage bags were also found at the scene — and a pair of earrings:

“The earrings that were found belonged to Alexis based on photos of her wearing it.”

All that was there was only partially and badly rotten. But when they found out which missing person to test the bones against, a forensic odontologist was able to positively relate them to Alexis. as his father gwyn gabe Explained to gathered reporters:

“When Detective Horn asked me for our dentist’s phone number, I knew something was wrong. They came to our house Friday night to explain their discovery. While it was on we find Alexis and put him to rest. We were praying for, the reality was still devastating to hear. Our hearts were broken more than we thought.”

They were still hoping that she would be found safe. heart melting.

In an official press release, Oakley PD broke the terrifying news that this may be all that has ever been found:

“Due to the nature of the condition of Alexis’ remains and the lack of her full body, we believe that her remains are scattered in various areas … His full recovery.”

Clearly this ends any hope of his being out. Horn confirmed that police believe she was dismembered and her parts were dumped in garbage bags, then “separated from each other and scattered in several areas.” If this one had earrings and teeth, it must have clearly been a bag with a head. just awful.

Watch the full press conference for yourself (below):

[Image via Oakley Police Department/NBC Bay Area/YouTube.]