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Alec Baldwin files lawsuit in ‘Rust’ shooting accusing crew of negligence, seeks to ‘clear his name’

alec baldwin She filed a cross-complaint on Friday following the death of cinematographer Halyana Hutchins on the set of “Rust” last October and is seeking to “clear her name.”

Baldwin’s lawsuit alleges negligence by Armor Hannah Gutierrez-Reid; prop master Sarah Zachary; David Hall, the first assistant director and security coordinator to hand over the gun to Baldwin; Ammunition supplier Seth Kenney and his company, PDQ Arm & Prop, which supplied prop weapons for production.

All have previously denied responsibility for the deadly shooting.

Baldwin named those four individuals as cross-defendants in a lawsuit filed against him last year. In court documents obtained by Fox News Digital, Baldwin claimed that he relied on four individuals to make sure the film’s set was secure.

He said he felt “extreme grief” and faced an “emotional, physical and financial toll”.

Alec Baldwin lays the blame on the tragic "War" Three crew members and ammunition supplier shot dead.

Alec Baldwin blamed the tragic “Rust” shooting deaths of three crew members and the ammunition supplier.
(Jim Spellman)

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“There is no doubt that others than Baldwin have suffered cross-defendant’s negligence,” Baldwin’s attorney, Quinn Emanuel’s Luke Nikes, wrote in the suit, referring to Hutchins’ death as Hutchins. How the son lost his mother and how director Joel Souza got a shoulder injury.

“Although by no means comparable, Baldwin must live with the extreme grief, and the resulting emotional, physical, and financial toll, due to the fact that the reckless conduct, reassurance and supervision of the cross-defendants put a hand in his hand.” weighted weapon and led him, Hutchins and everyone else on set to believe that his directed use of the weapon was safe,” the suit said.

“More than anyone else on that set, Baldwin has been unfairly viewed as the perpetrator of this tragedy. Through these cross-claims, Baldwin seeks to clear his name and hold the cross-defendants accountable for their misconduct. Is.”

This aerial photo shows Bonanza Creek Ranch in Santa Fe, NM, Saturday, October 23, 2021.  Helena Hutchins died after Alec Baldwin was gunned down while rehearsing a scene. "War."

This aerial photo shows Bonanza Creek Ranch in Santa Fe, NM, Saturday, October 23, 2021. Halyana Hutchins died while firing a gun at Alec Baldwin while rehearsing a scene for “Rust.”
(AP Photo/Je C. Hong | Photo by Fred Hess/Getty Images for SAGIND)

On Hutchins’ death anniversary, Baldwin took to Instagram To pay tribute to the late cinematographer.

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“A year ago today…” Baldwin, 64, captioned the image of Hutchins. The actor limited comments on the Instagram post, but fans were able to write down some thoughts.

One user wrote, “Such a sad day for all of you.” Another person said, “My deepest condolences to his family and you.” Others criticized Baldwin for sharing the post, with one person writing: “Inappropriate. This can be very misunderstood.”

“You are a bold one,” said another commenter.

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Hutchins died When Baldwin is firing a gun while rehearsing a scene on the set of a New Mexico film on October 21, 2021. The group was rehearsing in a small church on the Bonanza Creek Ranch set.

Baldwin has said that he didn’t pull the trigger of the gun — once during a primetime interview shortly after the fatal shooting and again on a recent podcast episode. The actor originally said that he had pulled the gun hammer back as far as possible and released it.

The New Mexico Medical Investigative Office determined that the shooting was an accident. However, prosecutors are reviewing the shooting to determine whether criminal charges should be filed.

In April, New Mexico’s Bureau of Occupational Health and Safety imposed a maximum fine of $137,000 against Rust Movie Productions and distributed a scathing story of safety failures, including testimony that production managers addressed two misfires of empty ammunition on set. Limited to do or take no action. Deadly Shooting. The company is challenging the fine.

In October, Hutchins’ family announced that they had agreed to settle another lawsuit against the actor and the film’s producers, and producers said they aimed to restart the project in January.

Fox News Digital’s Ashley Hume and The Associated Press contributed to this report