After Uorfi Javed, Taylor Swift Opts For A Bejewelled Sheer Skirt On EMA’s Red Carpet, Netizens Point Out “Hell & Heaven Difference” As They Find It Similar

Taylor Swift and Urofi JA ooze hotness in a similar-looking bejeweled sheer skirt, netizens have mixed reactions to the comparison
Urofi Javed and Taylor Swift’s bejeweled sheer skirt looks are compared, netizens point out the “difference between hell and heaven” between them (Photo Credits-Instagram)

Fashion is objective and one’s choices can affect others in a wrong way. One celeb who mostly falls into the latter category is actress and reality star Urofi Javed. The Bigg Boss OTT fame – who raises eyebrows with her dressing choices recently sported a bejeweled sheer skirt and a few days later singer-songwriter Taylor Swift also flaunted a similar outfit.

About a week back, Urfi – earlier known as Urfi Javed was spotted by the paps in Mumbai looking stunning in a white bodysuit teamed with a bejeweled sheer skirt and beige oversized coat. The ‘Midnight’ singer turned up the temperature in a black ensemble days later at the 2022 MTV EMAs red carpet (Nov. 13) bodysuit Cover and look alike sheer shimmery mesh skirt.

Except for the colour, both the outfits looked quite similar. Netizens were quick to notice the similarities between the two and gave mixed reactions to them. Read on to know what they had to say.

Comparing Taylor and Urofi Javed’s looks, a user said, “Taylor Swift and this girl have a difference of hell and heaven.” Cheat Added, “Now in the comment section you can see double faced and double faced people… 🤣🤣🤣 They are wearing same dress but so cold humanitarian person judging based on their nationality and background…”

On the other hand, choosing Taylor’s look as his favorite on social media, Uorfi also praised Javed’s style. He wrote, “Taylor Swift better dressed because this skirt isn’t made by her, it’s made by her stylist…Urfi at least tried this bold look..Common we should applaud her friends” Another, sharing similar thoughts, commented, “She is foreigner and she is not 🚫……that’s the difference…” A third said, “Taylor is goddess but Urfi was looking great too” commented another that, “There is nothing wrong with Urfi except that she was born in India…”

A netizen supported Uorfi, writing, “I too love Indian culture and its heritage but what about personality! Urfi is a person, she has her own choices. I think she was born in the wrong place, she deserves to be in Hollywood or some of the best fashion shows and she will definitely rock there. Or everyone may not always be your type.

Who do you think looked better in the bodysuit paired with the bejeweled sheer skirt? Tell us in the comments.

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