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Adam Sandler leads tributes to Budd Friedman after Improv founder’s death at 90: ‘Can’t thank this man enough’

Bud Friedman, known for kick-starting the career of many notable comedians As the founder of improv died in Los Angeles on Saturday. He was 90 years old.

Adam Sandler Friedman, who helped him establish a name in the comedy circuit.

“Bud Friedman. Can’t thank this man enough for all he gave us all,” Sandler tweeted on Sunday. “A comedy home. All the stage time. All the tips. All the encouragement. A place for comedians to hang out and talk about anything but comedy.”

Friedman first opened Improv in Manhattan in 1963 and launched a second location in West Hollywood on Melrose Avenue in 1974. He was Bette Midler’s first manager and helped Richard Pryor, jay lenoJerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Larry David and Andy Kaufman entered the business.

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Bud Friedman, the founder of The Improv, died Saturday at the age of 90.  Adam Sandler was one of many celebrities paying tribute to the legend.

Bud Friedman, the founder of The Improv, died Saturday at the age of 90. Adam Sandler was one of many celebrities paying tribute to the legend.
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hollywood improv He shared a clip of Friedman discussing “change the world” with his vision of bringing people together through comedy.

“The world of comedy lost a giant today,” the club wrote. “In 1963 he changed the world of comedy by creating the first comedy club for the masses to come together in laughter. In 1963 he changed the world. He went global. He was a pioneer. He was a gentleman. He was a luminary.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Friedman reportedly died of heart failure. He wrote “The Improv: An Oral History of the Comedy Club That Revolutionized Stand-Up” in 2017, which featured Jay Leno’s preface.

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He described Robin Williams’ discovery in the book, “”From the moment he came in, it was clear to me and everyone else that he was going to be a huge star, probably one of the biggest we’ve ever seen. which, of course, turned out to be more true than anything we can imagine.”

Bud’s comedy days began with the opening of a Manhattan location for Broadway performers where they could enjoy the following shows.

They hired Liza Minnelli to sing, Barry Manilow played the piano, and Rodney Dangerfield was once the host. Danny Aiello was also once hired as a bouncer.

Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada told Fox News Digital, “Bud was a really nice person. He was always very nice to me whenever we talked.”

“He called Buddha the Godfather, Mitzi Shor the Queen, and himself the King of Comedy.”

Comedian Craig Gass has long discussed the challenges of growing up in a family with a hearing disability. “My mother loved him. And my mother was deaf. Deaf people only read body language. It really says something about Buddha,” he told Fox News Digital on Sunday.

Rob Schneider Tweeted, “Bud Friedman passed away yesterday. Bud really invented the modern stand up comedy club. He made it possible for me and many others to make a living for our families by doing what we love It was because of Buddha’s support and kindness that I got the chance to live and discover my dreams.”

Richard Lewis wrote of how Friedman acted as a father figure after the death of his own “hero” father in 1971.

Lewis tweeted, “I was lost and found by this guy who was a veritable kingmaker to many young comedians in his famous improv.” “In many ways he was a lifesaver. I loved him and his family. RIP mate.”

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George Wallace shared a photo with Friedman and wrote, “We all get light one day. Thanks for everything, Bud Friedman. They’re clearing the aisle for you in that big improv in the sky.”

Director Judd Apatow said he was “deeply saddened to learn of the passing of The Improv owner, the great Buddha Friedman, who searched for every person you love. A great man we all loved. He Made the world so happy!”

Lonnie Love admitted that Bud is “working a lot of the comics you see today.” He continued, “He put money in our pockets and provided us with a place to audition and look for our stand ups. Thank you so much Buddha for believing in the power of comedy. You changed the world. Relax now. ”

Late Night Host Jimmy Fallon wrote, “St. Peter’s Like ‘Out of Aisles, Out of Aisles, Buds Coming Through’. Rest in Peace, Bud Friedman.”

Fallon gave Friedman a big shout out in 2017, when Friedman released a book detailing some of his favorite memories of running the hottest club in town. “Bad gave me my start,” Fallon said before making fun of his mother that he was simply glad she was being fed by the club.

Kevin Nealon Wrote, “Such sad news to hear about the passing of my friend Bud Friedman. If it wasn’t for him and his club, I wouldn’t have had a career. Always grateful. God bless you.”

Whitney Cummings paid tribute to Bud as “one of the great champions of comedy and comedians”. Cummings said, “Just a monumental, incredible man. I’ll never stop performing at the improv comedy club.”

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Rich Vos tweeted, “Bud Friedman was always so kind to me. We had dinner together in Vegas and LA.” “He’d go on stage just to introduce me. I talked to him at length about comedy. Gave me my first two TV spots. He hosted several of Bob Golub’s def shows in New York. May hey RIP.”

Friedman is survived by wife Alix, children Joe, Dax, Beth and Ross, and five grandchildren.

Fox News Digital’s Larry Fink contributed to this report.