Aaron Carter Would Never Commit Suicide, Was Working to Rebuild His Career at Time of Death, Friend Says

As you have probably heard by now, Aaron Carter found dead Saturday morning at his home in Lancaster, California.

The former child star was just 34 years old.

whereas Carter’s cause of death remains uncertain, the most likely explanation seems to be that he died of an accidental overdose.

However, surprisingly a large body of fans are convinced that car driver intended to take one’s own life,

Aaron Carter attends Project Angel Food’s 2017 Angel Awards on August 19, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (photo via Getty Images)

But this theory contradicts the behavior Aaron displayed at the end of his life and comments made by his family and friends in the days after his death.

Carter was attending an outpatient rehab program, and had recently met with a family counselor and social worker in the hope that such steps would allow her to regain custody of her child.

Speaking with Page Six, friend and musical collaborator Dan Wright says Aaron was laser-focused on rebuilding his career, his reputation, and his personal life in the weeks that preceded his passing.

The circumstances surrounding Aaron Carter’s death remain mysterious. Now, a close friend of Aaron’s is offering new insight. (photo via Instagram)

“I had a feeling he was almost like a monk,” Right outlet tells,

“He didn’t really leave the house. He didn’t really leave his hometown of Lancaster. He loved being inside, he loved being in the house,” the insider says.

“He was a homebody, and I think as a result he didn’t have a lot of people who were willing to go to his house, be with him, [and] Help her write an album.”

Aaron Carter died at the age of 34. (photo via Getty Images)

Wright says he was shocked by this week’s sad news, as Aaron whom he knew was proudly drug-free.

“Aaron was very proud of having been sober for five years. That’s what he would always say,” Wright tells Page Six.

“He would use the term ‘Cali sober’ a lot,” he continued, explaining that Carter’s only recreational drug was marijuana.

Aaron Carter: I need money to hide because people want me to die!
Aaron Carter fans were concerned for his well-being in the weeks following his death. (photo via Instagram)

Wright says he saw Carter take his Xanax prescription—which Singer claimed he had been on for “too long”—but never saw Aaron under the influence of any illegal substance.

Police reports indicated that Carter had a habit of huffing compressed air to get high, but Wright insisted he had never seen such reckless behavior.

Aaron Carter Tattoo
Aaron Carter takes a picture of his face tattoo. (photo via Instagram)

“He gives this bad boy personality online and stuff, but talking to him in person — he’s so candid and so quick and he has so many stories and he has so much wisdom,” recalls Wright. .

“I certainly never felt like he was high on Duster.”

Dispelling the theory that Carter committed suicide, Wright explains that the Aaron he knew was a devoted musician eager to share his gift with the world.

Aaron Carter in Bedo
Aaron Carter was recently found dead in the bathroom of his SoCal home. (photo via Instagram)

“He left like he was excited to work. He wanted to get his career back. He was excited when [Wright and artist manager Morgan Matthews] Booked her show. He was excited to do stuff again,” he says.

“I was looking forward to having him as a lifelong friend. I’m just going to miss it.”

We’ll have more updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.