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83 Movie Review: 83 is a winner

83 movie
83 movie

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Summing up a coveted victory over celluloid is a daunting task. What’s more, if the event happened several decades ago [almost four decades ago, in this case], Apart from getting the details and facts right, the storyteller needs to recreate the bygone era with precision and also ensure that the actors playing the role resemble those who won the heroic victory.


Most importantly, since it is a cinematic format, the storyteller needs to narrate the ups and downs of the victorious past in a concise manner so as to prevent the moviegoer from moving on. In this case, the result is known to all, but the journey is unknown to many. For this reason, the intertwined events in the screenplay should be absorbing, while avoiding cinematic liberties. Special care should also be taken that it does not become a documentary.

83 Attempts to tell the story of Dalits – the Indian cricket team – and what happened behind the scenes before winning the World Cup 1983,

The generation that saw/read about the 1983 victory – I will remember how impatient everyone was to know the outcome of the final match. no social media [or news portals] Then. We had to rely on radio, newspapers and of course B&W television to watch important matches. The cricketers had become household names and I clearly remember, we were cheering and praying for the ‘Men in White’ as they faced the mighty West Indies cricket team in the final.

The next morning, newspapers dedicated front-page headlines to celebrating the coveted victory while honoring the heroes and their valor on the cricket pitch.

You relive those moments when you watch 83. Of course, most viewers don’t know the backstory or what actually happened behind the scenes. The film works for that reason, as well as for other reasons. More on that later. For those who fondly remember that era or were born in the 1990s [or in subsequent years]The World Cup victory is immortalized on celluloid with 83.

Let us give you a brief outline of the plot of 83… 1983, The World Cup is to be held in the UK. Indian cricket team – led by Kapil Dev [Ranveer Singh] – Participating amidst negligible expectations. Not just the international media, even the cricket fans are hopeful that the Indians will emerge victorious.

Pankaj Tripathi: “Life is a storehouse of experience, when it falls short…”| 83 | Ranveer singh

Director Kabir Khan and his team of writers covered the episodic episodes before becoming the champion of Indians. The humiliation, the nervousness, the anxiety, the pressure of facing many legendary players on the pitch – 83 covers it all.

Still, there are minor hiccups especially in the first hour. Full conversation in commentary box [Boman Irani] – While all matches are being played – is in English. Agreed, will stick to the realism, but the lines spoken by Boman could have been in Hindi. This will surely prove to be a hindrance for those who do not speak/understand English.

Might as well do with the first half trimming. Some scenes look stretched, which should have been sharpened during editing for better effect.

There are some moments that make you emotional and also make your eyes moist. A child has a particular sequence of sayings Kapil Dev That he would not be watching the Indians playing the match. Another emotional moment comes at the interval point, when the Indians suffer a humiliating defeat to the rival team. Great sequence, both.

Things get brighter in the second hour and thankfully, Kabir Khan and the writer get it right for the most part. Dipika’s introduction is a plus in this hour, so the script writing goes to the end. The conclusion is enthusiastic and I am sure the audience will welcome it with applause, applause and even applause.

Best is reserved for last. At this point enters Kapil Dev, who narrates some hitherto unknown tales that deserve a compliment.

Kabir Khan’s direction is superb. 83 is a tough film and despite the presence of capable actors, the film would have fallen flat if the execution of the saga had been poor. Kabir gives his best shot, hitting boundaries in the second and third acts, which the audience takes home when they leave the auditorium. He skillfully balances the drama on the pitch and the tears, laughter and smiles in the dressing room.

There isn’t much scope for music here, but one song that stays on your lips is ‘Lehra Do’. Background score is in effect. DoP captures the mood of the film with precision.

83 has a plethora of actors and each of them has played their part with utmost sincerity, the captain of the show is undoubtedly Ranveer Singh. He performs superbly. 83 is one of those movies that proves his versatility. He excels at a character that is drawn to him. Deepika is amazing, her soothing presence adds to the scenes she portrays. Pankaj Tripathi is in excellent form. It’s a pleasure to see him on screen.

Kabir dedicates ample footage to each and every member of the lead cast. Those who stand out include Jeeva, Saqib Saleem, Jatin Sarna and Ammi Virk.

Overall, 83 is the winner – on the pitch, on the screen as well. Those who saw the win would be delighted to relive the experience, while those who did not, would get a chance to see how things unfolded during one of the greatest episodes in Indian sports history. watch it!

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