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20 Gifts for Jet-Setters From Royce & Rocket, Slip Beauty & More

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We all know the type: travelers. Globe-trotter. Jet-setter. That dude who’s always on the go, who pre-screened the TSA before the rest of us knew what that was too, and whose Instagram stories always look like sponsored ads. Even if the only reason they travel so often is for business, they know how to make it look good.

On the one hand, it is easy to grow up the Hare and the Grinchy with envy over these seemingly luxurious lifestyles. on the other? Our high-flying favorites are some of the easiest to shop during the holidays. (Plus, we’re healthy and self-confident. Too mature to be jealous, just because someone spends a little more time in the sky than us, right?)

So from stainless steel water bottles to keep your travel eco-friendly to silk pillowcases and eye masks that promote superior aesthetic comfort, here are 20 gifts for jet-setters to make them travel in style. To ensure.

Any one of these is enough to earn a good thank you note – so maybe more than one will invite you on your next big trip!