13-Year-Old Boy Accidentally Shot & Killed His 11-Year-Old Brother In Their Home

heart melting. An 11-year-old boy was accidentally shot at his home by his 13-year-old brother while handling a gun found in his parents’ bedroom.

according to miami-dade police On Friday, the victim was identified as shemerian bursae, were inside an apartment in Horizons West Complex with their four siblings on Thursday afternoon. No adults were at home at the time—including his Miami-Dade corrections officer mom Tiffany Callaway, Investigators said the younger boy’s 13-year-old brother pulled a gun out of a gun case in the master bedroom cell. While he was playing with the weapon, it suddenly stopped and hit Shemarian’s chest.

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speak with 7news, a next-door neighbor recalled hearing the children shout for “help” and quickly rushed home to find a nightmare. He said:

“I heard a noise, and then I heard the kids shouting, ‘Help.’ I called 911. I went inside the house. The baby was there, blood everywhere.”

The neighbor then began attempting to revive Shemarian:

“I kept doing CPR, mouth-to-mouth, until he stopped breathing, and then I stopped.”

small child airlifted rider trauma centerwhere he was eventually pronounced dead. woman added in an interview CBS News About how the situation left her shocked and traumatized:

“I just apologized to the person who was over him. I knew he was a brother too. I just left the house and started breaking myself. He was lying there and it was painful to take his last breath. They were scared. I can’t even describe the feeling. It’s unimaginable.”

another neighbor Geraldine Ostan Also told the outlet:

“I am saddened by the whole situation. I don’t like hearing about these stories of guns in homes. I think it will be very difficult for the family that is devastated by the whole situation. Although the gun was in a safe place, I think they absolutely shouldn’t be around children. They shouldn’t even know where the guns are.”

Police are currently investigating the incident, but they do not expect to file any charges at this time. Shemerian’s mother Tiffany made a gofundme To help cover funeral expenses. She wrote to her son, calling her “the light of our lives”:

“Although none of you may know him, I can tell you he was a wonderful young boy. Loving, playful and always there to put a smile on your face when you need it. Imagining life without him is something It’s something we never thought we’d have to do as a family, and even worse, we’d have to comfort him.”

This is such a terrible tragedy. Our hearts are with this family as they overcome this difficult loss.

[Image via GoFundMe, NBC 6 South Florida/YouTube]